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Endacom Construction - Enda FlanneryEnda Flannery

Enda went to England in 1988 after growing up in the county of Sligo, Ireland and soon bought his first hammer & nail bag and started working on various projects in the greater London area.  He then landed a job on the Isle of Dogs, London, the world's biggest project at the time which included the worlds' tallest building at the time and it's here that Enda honed his construction skills from working on such super structures.  Enda recalls that safety standards of these days were nothing like they are today and just as well!  While working on this project, Enda formed important contacts that allowed him to start working on a number of bridges in and around London and then in 1994, he decided it was time to move to Australia - a country he had longed to go to for years after watching every episode of the Sullivan's & the Bush Tucker Man.  After moving to Australia, Enda has had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects involving key iconic buildings and bridges throughout Sydney and Canberra.  Enda started Endacom Construction in May 2005 and has worked with some of Australia's biggest & best companies and is looking forward to moving on to even bigger projects with the team at Endacom Construction.






Fergal Hester

Fergal completed secondary school in May 2006 and moved to London that same week and started working in the construction industry as a carpenter.  He worked around around on various high rise projects and in 2008 started his speciality in Tunnelling as a form worker on the tunnel arch lining and later on moved onto the shotcrete lineing crew.  Fergal developed itchy feet and decided it was time to move to the land down under and did so.  In Australia, continuing with the shotcreting he has worked on major civil and tunnelling projects in Brisbane, Melbourn and Sydney.  Fergal has gained overseas experience through working on tunnelling project in India where he lead a local team of miners to excavated and Shotcreted cross passage tunnels by hand.

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